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Find top exercises to do for muscle building, strength training as well as toning , fitness and weight loss all in one place at Exercises.com.au

With over 500 exercise demonstrations from our expert Personal Trainers, you'll recieve the best guidance through exercise video demonstrations on all types of exercises such as:

Chest Exercises - top chest exercises including bench press, dumbbell press and dumbbell flys!

Back Exercises - top back exercises including seated row, t bar row and lat pulldown.

Shoulder Exercises- top shoulder exercises including shoulder press, dumbbell shoulder press, lateral raises and more!

Leg Exercises - top leg exercises including squats, leg press, leg extension and more!

Ab Exercises - top abs exercises including crunches, sit ups, oblique twists and more!

Bicep Exercises - top bicep exercises including dumbbell curls, barbell curls and hammer curls.

Tricep Exercises - top tricep exercises including tricep extension, tricep kickbacks, tricep pressdown and more!

Glute Exercises - top glute exercises including donkey kicks, deadlift and more!

Visit exercises.com.au for hundreds of videos and articles to stay fit and motivated!


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